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3 Steps to Building a Great Buyer Persona

If you've read about digital marketing or partnered with a digital marketing agency, you've likely come across the concept of buyer personas. As explained in one of our ...
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The Days of Just Needing a Website Are Over

Remember the good old days of Internet commerce? If you owned a website for your business, you automatically found yourself ahead of the curve. People discovered your ...
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3 Key Factors of a Strong Landing Page

Digital marketers use a huge variety of marketing tools to ensure the effectiveness of their campaigns. One of the more powerful of these tools is the landing page.
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3 Things That Make Marketing to Michiganders Unique

Socrates is quoted as saying: "Know thyself." However, for digital marketing purposes, an equally important goal is to know your customers. And when planning to market ...
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The Secret Sauce of Marketing Strategy

When planning your marketing strategy, know the difference between your "is's and ought's"  A wise old man once said that we need to know the difference between our ...
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5 Ways to Make Your Web Design Stand Out

Modern web design has become stale. You've probably already noticed. Hundreds, if not thousands, of sites across the Internet give off a cookie-cutter appearance. How ...
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What You Absolutely Have to Know About Inbound Marketing

Modern marketing techniques are complex and sometimes difficult to understand, but they work. In most cases, the word "modern" translates to "inbound" - a marketing ...
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(How) Do You Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness?

Just because you build it doesn't mean that prospects will come. In this case, we're not talking about a baseball diamond, but about your marketing strategy. Marketing ...
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Buyer Personas: What Are They and Why Does Your Business Need Them?

The first step to building your business is knowing who your customers are. Understanding your customers and creating buyer personas that outline their attributes can ...
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