Apple hops on the paid search bandwagon

Posted by Mark Parent

Aug 22, 2016 2:20:31 PM

App developers are eager to see what will happen with Apple's June 2016 announcement to offer paid search in its app store.

This new ad platform will allow app developers to pay for ads to appear on top of search results in the Apple App Store.

The App Store paid ad program will roll out this fall, though the service is in beta test mode already.

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New Google tool gives small businesses a leg up

Posted by Mark Parent

Aug 19, 2016 11:30:23 AM

If you have embraced digital marketing strategies for your business, you know how important website analytics are.

Since your landing pages and website are the foundation of all your digital strategies, they must perform exceptionally well to be effective.

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Understanding the buyer's journey: Why timing really is everything

Posted by Mark Parent

Aug 16, 2016 11:24:43 AM

Kids learn pretty quickly the art of good timing.

Any 7-year-old can tell you that the time to ask Dad for a new toy is not the minute he walks in the door from a bad day at work. A child learns to read the emotional landscape of his or her parents in no time flat. Thus, a valuable lesson is learned. Timing is everything.

Does that hold true as people grow into adulthood? Absolutely. Consider the role of great timing in digital marketing.

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Expert Interview Series: Sara Davis of Foxtail Marketing on Effective Inbound Marketing

Posted by Mark Parent

Jul 28, 2016 10:15:29 AM

Sara Davis is the VP of Operations of Foxtail Marketing. When she isn't geeking out optimizing systems and processes, you can find her advocating for women in the workplace.

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4 strategies for building trust through content marketing

Posted by Mark Parent

Jul 25, 2016 12:18:28 PM

What is trust? Is it something you can measure? Is it something you can prove?

Trust is the most important facet of any content marketing campaign. Instead of worrying about clicks and traffic, you should be worrying about creating a large community of customers that grows because of your marketing efforts.

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Common paid search traps and how to avoid them

Posted by Mark Parent

Jul 15, 2016 12:16:28 PM

Are you using paid search advertising to try to connect with new customers online?

If so, there are a number of best practices to follow, as well as some common pitfalls of paid search advertising to avoid.

Whether you're using Google AdWords, the Yahoo Bing Network, Facebook or LinkedIn ads, or another pay-per-click (PPC) network, this blog article will identify some common paid search traps, and how you can avoid them to deliver a successful ad campaign.

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Topics: paid advertising

Why growth-driven website design is important to your brand

Posted by Mark Parent

Jun 29, 2016 11:05:09 AM

Sometimes, the status quo needs an update.

Web design began with the internet itself, and while traditional design might prove effective for some businesses, growth-driven design offers a more sustainable, action-oriented alternative that adapts to suit your business model as well as your marketing needs.

Once you implement it, you will find that it becomes integral to your brand.

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Topics: Website Redesign

3 ingredients of successful lead nurturing

Posted by Mark Parent

Jun 24, 2016 2:00:18 PM

Without a doubt, lead nurturing is a key to success for all businesses, especially small businesses.

As a result, many business owners choose to allocate a large proportion of their marketing budget to lead generation.

Unfortunately, this money can easily go to waste if marketers fail to take the right steps for a lead generation campaign. If your campaigns have proven themselves to be largely ineffective so far, here are a few key ingredients for successful lead nurturing.

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Topics: Lead Nurturing

Growth-driven design: Choosing a mobile strategy for better data

Posted by Mark Parent

Jun 21, 2016 1:56:12 PM

When you know your business needs an updated website, you have a myriad of decisions to make.

As Internet users increasingly turn to smartphones and other mobile devices for their browsing needs, you need to decide how you can best serve mobile visitors.

Responsive design and mobile optimized websites offer two potential solutions. But, how do you choose between them so you're sure to receive accurate, comprehensive data about your site's visitors?

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Topics: Website design

4 ways to transform your landing pages for more impact

Posted by Mark Parent

Jun 17, 2016 11:58:08 AM

Landing pages offer a time-tested way to funnel your prospects toward a sale.

They're tightly focused, which eliminates distraction, and they help you track your progress over time.

If you start to see reduced engagement with your landing pages, it might be  time to give them a face lift.

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Topics: Landing Page, Website design

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