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Is your inbound marketing strategy insane or boring?

Image of cat yawning. Bored marketers make boring camaigns, and boring campaigns bore customers.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." (Well, it may not have been Einstein that actually said it, but we'll go with it.)

Take a closer look at your marketing efforts. Is it possible that your inbound marketing strategy is ... well ... insane?

The truth about digital marketing

A good digital marketing strategy is a multi-channeled, multi-lever endeavor. It consists of a variety of marketing methods, used in an integrated way to achieve your ultimate marketing goals.

Because digital marketing involves so many different avenues of marketing, it is sometimes difficult to drill down deeply into your overall strategy to see which parts are working well and which parts are in need of modification.

Image of Albert Einstein. His definition of insanity could spell trouble for your inbound marketing.

Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If this sounds like your inbound marketing efforts, it may be time for a change. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Signs it's time to make a change

Some parts of your digital campaigns may be working fine, but masking the deficiencies of other strategic components. That being said, how can you decide when it is time to make modifications in your approach? What are some key signs that it is time for a change?

1) Your inbound efforts are not aligned with your outbound efforts.

Your marketing strategy includes both inbound and outbound components. However, if they are not integrated, it is like driving a car that is not running on all cylinders. You may get where you are going eventually, but the trip will be much harder than it should be. To ensure that your outbound marketing steers your audience toward inbound marketing, be sure to include direction to your website or desired landing pages in your printed materials.

Fore more insight, check out how inbound marketing trends are helping businesses.

2) Your emails need an overhaul.

In the article "4 Signs You Need to Repair Your Inbound Marketing Strategy," Kelly Krantz observes: "Some of the best of us write up an email campaign for our inbound efforts and leave it to run for months ... years even. This industry is very fast paced. I highly doubt that the content in your emails from a year ago is relevant today. Even if it is relevant, a little sprucing never hurt anyone." Examine how your emails are performing. Make changes where needed.

3) Your blog has turned into a wandering wasteland.

Looking at the content of your blog with fresh eyes, is it clear what your blogging agenda actually is? Since blogging is a fundamental element of your digital marketing strategy, it is important to have a clearly defined purpose for your business blog.

If you do not have a well-planned calendar of topics for your blog, it is time to make some modifications. With some forethought and attention to detail, your blog can become a powerful source of traffic to your website.

4) You do not analyze your marketing metrics.

Knowledge is power. If you are not capturing or analyzing important marketing metrics, it is likely that you are missing out on some valuable intel. Marketing metrics are like signs on the highway. If you are not looking at them and taking in the information they provide, it is like driving down the road blindfolded.

Want some more insight on the type of metrics you should be tracking? Get your free copy of our eGuide The six marketing metrics your boss actually cares about.

5) Your marketing team is bored.

Boredom is like a poison to marketers. If your current digital marketing strategies are leaving your marketing team cold, it is time to warm things up. Bored marketers make boring campaigns. Boring campaigns fail to generate leads and prompt conversions.

Image of cat yawning. Bored marketers make boring camaigns, and boring campaigns bore customers.

Bored marketers make boring campaigns, and boring campaigns lead to disinterested customers. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Shake the shackles off of your digital marketing strategy and let the creativity flow. Remember that, while marketing is part science, it is also part art. Digital marketing opens a door to myriad possibilities for marketers who think outside the box. Encourage that inclination and breathe life into your campaigns.

Are you ready to shake things up and get your digital strategies back on track? Contact us today. We have the cure for digital marketing insanity.

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