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Innovative Marketing How-To: Content For Customer Trust


Posted by Mark Parent - September 05, 2014

Innovative Marketing How-To: Content For Customer Trust

How a brand corresponds with its customers is at the heart of relationship building and digital marketing is essential to this.

Silverpop, an IBM Company we work closely with as we cultivate ideal innovative marketing solutions for our clients, actually commissioned a study of 4,000 consumers to help reveal how they being marketed to online and what works. 

So, what do consumers want? 

What makes them read or delete an email? 

And, what motivates them to click through and actually make direct contact or a purchase? 

Let’s bottom-line the study’s Key Findings: 

Consumers Have Only 4-5 “Best Friend Brands” - The most notable aspect the study has shown is a growing trend for consumers having Best Friend Brands – the companies from which they will repeatedly open email correspondence and buy products online from. The research highlighted that consumers only tend to have a limited number of brands who they always open email correspondence from. Globally, this averages at around 4-5 brands.

Personalization Gets Results - The research showed 71 percent of consumers would be more likely to make a purchase if the first innovative marketing email from a retailer or brand had been tailored especially to them, based on their likes and preferences following previous behavior.

Focus On The Email Subject - Ensuring the subject line is appropriate also goes a long way to building the kind of Best Friend relationship that will encourage consumers to consistently read your innovative marketing correspondence. The research showed 40 percent of consumers worldwide wouldn’t open an email if the subject line wasn’t relevant to them.

Keeping Trust Is As Important As Gaining It - More than a quarter of respondents globally said that a brand’s email approach had stopped them from buying. Email clearly plays an important role in building a relationship and needs to be executed properly if a company doesn’t want to alienate them. The Best Friend Brands study showed 64 percent of people would open an email simply because they trusted the brand – this was even more important for consumers in the U.S., where as many as 70 percent of those questioned said their existing relationship with the brand went a long way in determining whether or not they would open an email from them.

Dubbed the “Best Friend Brands” study, Silverpop’s efforts have helped shine a light on current expectations from consumers on how they are – and want to be – marketed to…will this change how you communicate with your targets? It should!  

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