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Post by Post: Innovative Marketing for Top Social Media Outlets


Posted by Mark Parent - September 04, 2014

Post By Post: Innovative Marketing For Top Social Media Outlets

Ever wonder about the innovative marketing tricks you need to know when you’re posting on various social media sites? Tricks like where to place your CTA in a YouTube post or how to embed links into blogs to help lead readers through your sales funnel? Read on – and start making every future social media post more effective. 


Post Optimization Tip 1: Create an informative, relevant, time-sensitive and short status update with a link to direct more people to your article.

Post Optimization Tip 2: Ask a question with your status update post to ensure more engagement. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: use LinkedIn Insights to inform you about how your previous posts have performed and who your ideal audience is. Use this information to tailor posts to meet the interests and needs of your target customers. 

Blog Posts

Post Optimization Tip 1: Put keywords close to the beginning of the title and make it short and engaging.

Post Optimization Tip 2: Summarize the post with a clear call-to-action (CTA), like a link to a similar post or a question that calls for answers in the comments. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Make your posts shareable with easy links to other social media outlets. If your readers like the post, they’ll want to share it with friends and colleagues. 

YouTube Videos

Post Optimization Tip 1: Give the uploaded file the same catchy title as the post itself, so it’s also searchable. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: Make sure there’s a CTA in the description with instructions on how you want viewers to behave after watching your video. A simple link back to a product page on your website works fine. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Use hashtags and keywords to ensure your video appears in as many searches as possible.


Post Optimization Tip 1: Don’t be negative. Facebook brand posts should focus on positivity and sharing that excites and inspires. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: Posts with images have the most Facebook engagement, so use relevant images whenever possible. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Comment back. Open up a dialogue with your users to build interactive two-way relationships – it is why they call it "social media," after all.  


Post Optimization Tip 1: Don’t skimp on the grammar. Nothing looks more unpolished than a branded tweet without punctuation. Sacrifice characters for commas, periods and dashes - and never use all caps. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: Use the @mention to try to engage influencers in your field. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: When tweeting content for your audience, make sure to leave 20 open characters to allow your followers to add their own comments when they re-tweet your post. 


Post Optimization Tip 1: Keep humans out of the mix. It sounds weird, but images with no human faces are 23% more shareable. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: Images with multiple dominant colors have 3.25 times more re-pins than image with a single dominant color. Images that are red, orange and brown receive roughly twice as many re-pins as images that are blue, so try to post images that contain those hues. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Post foreground-dominant images. Images that contain less than 30% background or whitespace are re-pinned the most


Post Optimization Tip 1: Tag people and brands because it prompts notifications to engage. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: View the trending topics and post whenever you see something that is relevant to your brand. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Tap into relevant communities and become an active commenter and contributor. 


Post Optimization Tip 1: Caption your photos with questions that drive comments. 

Post Optimization Tip 2: Use hashtags to the hilt and always pay attention to trending hashtags – sometimes they will lend you great ideas for innovative and engaging marketing approaches. 

Post Optimization Tip 3: Enhance your photos with a unique color scheme or filter style in order to create a look that’s unique to your posts and your brand. 

Bonus Tip:

Did you know there’s also an ideal time to post your engaging and innovative social media messages? It’s true. Blogs are best posted around 11 a.m. Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter posts perform best from about 1-4 p.m. Google+ posts are most well-received in the late morning, while LinkedIn posts do best first thing in the morning or right at the end of the work day. 

A targeted social media marketing plan is key component of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Learn more about building your own inbound campaigns by getting your free copy of our B2B Guide to Inbound Marketing.

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