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How (And Why) To Make Your Innovative Marketing More Visual

Innovative Marketing Make it More Visual

Humans are visual creatures, so when it comes to innovative marketing, that’s an important trait to try to tap into as much as possible. Here are a four creative ideas to help you achieve this in your outreach execution:

1. Use high-resolution, professional images and photos

Spending a few extra dollars on professional images not only helps to give your content more of a visual and enticing feel, it also makes it come across as more professional. In fact, research has shown time and again that images can boost the success of content on social media, in emails and even in press releases.

Stock photos don’t have to be costly to look good and give your content more meaning and value. 

2. Play with fonts and styles

From eye-catching headers to varying font styles and sizes to emphasize or visually break up longer content and ideas, the less “block” copy you have in your marketing pieces – from newsletters and blogs to brochures and postcards – the more attractive and inviting it is to your prospective customers. 

3. Create infographics and visualizations

Statistics can be boring – but they’re suddenly really interesting and often potentially memorable if you embed them in cleverly created visualizations and infographics.

These depictions of data are easy to understand, make your content more compelling and scan-able, and they might even prompt sharing and viral value as well. Color, context and meaning all come into play here. They should be simple and easy to read when the content is simple; when the content is more complex, consider making the infographic more interactive in nature. Visualizations don’t even need to include data – they can just emphasize a point in a more fun and interesting way.

The topic being given a visual treatment also needs to have real value to the reader and help them digest the information in a whole new way. Oh, and try to shy away from making it too promotional in nature – coming on strong is such a customer turn off, after all.  Visual

4. Make videos and slideshows

Videos are quite literally content that moves. Slideshows, too, are sort of a low-fi way of presenting ‘moving’ content…it’s just self-propelled by your viewer, so to speak. But, not everything deserves a video or slideshow treatment.

Great content for videos and slideshows are ‘how to’ tutorials – such as how to use a product or special feature. Announcements can also be made in video form – but be careful not to make it overtly advertorial in nature, or it will be considered blatant marketing and not taken as seriously as ‘news you can use’ content.  

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