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Customer Behavior: Innovative Marketing That Leverages & Connects

Innovative Marketing Strategy

In this new multi channel marketing world, innovative marketing comes with its own set of challenges. Today’s customer is looking for connections and interactions that they can initiate or receive from just about anywhere – plus, they’re using the internet and other users of your products to gain insights about whatever it is that you’re selling or providing long before they even bother to interact with you. 

So, how can you do more to influence buyer behavior and the sources besides your company directly that influences their decision-making? By being relevant, that’s how.

Send The Right Message

If you’re spending tons of time getting the desirable prospects and customers into your marketing database, why aren’t you spend a bit of extra time getting to know them? When you do, you can send far more relevant and targeted messages that speak to their interests and needs. The last thing you want to do is send them overly generic messages – marketing emails, direct mail – that have no relevance to what they want or to where they are in the buying process. When you do, you’re sending a number of negative and unintended messages, chief among them that you don’t care about them, you’re just going to keep sending “Spam” or useless chatter, and, most frightening of all, your messages should be ignored because they’re completely irrelevant.

Provide A Solution

No matter your sector, the buyers you’re trying to excite have one or a myriad of needs. Zero in on what those are and speak clearly and succinctly as to how your product solves their problems and/or meets their needs.

Talk Back

Figure out the networks where your most desired customers are and find ways to be part of the discussion. If they’re griping about problems your products and services can help to solve, let them know; better yet, offer a free trial to show just how much you’re in their corner at that very moment of need. If they’re talking about your product already, good or bad, don’t ignore the opportunity to chime in productively. Not only will current customers see that you’re engaged and value them as individuals, prospective customers will too.

Combine Behavior + Automation

Behavioral marketing is one of those innovative marketing terms that is often overused or even misused. But when you add an individual prospect’s behaviors and marketing automation, that’s precisely what you’re achieving. Instead of responding to each prospect’s behaviors in real time – because who HAS the time? – advanced automation software already exists that let’s you collect all of the various behaviors taking place across multiple platforms and connect said data/behaviors to an individual.

This behavioral marketing automation allows you to collect actions across social; media, email, landing pages and inbound websites, CRM, events and on and on – and use them to send targeted messages that relate directly to where they are in the buying process, to profile customers and fast forward conversations instead of barraging them with all of the questions upfront, and even to use mathematical scoring models to help predict the most likely prospects to become customers as well as identify the customers you already have that are most likely to be loyal for a long and profitable time.


Another place where that behavior automation software comes into play is with building and executing innovative marketing campaigns. If you can leverage each person’s behavior to trigger appropriate messages that are relevant to their needs and actions, that message is one that listens.

Dynamic content is easy to create – write a number of content blocks that can be swapped in and out based on certain prospect actions and behaviors. Suddenly, you have messaging and communications that elevate the buyer to an empowered level. By routing customers down certain paths that speak to their behaviors and interests, you’re creating messages that evoke a response – and with a clear call to action that points to a problem being solved or a need being met, the response is to buy from you!

Remember, in this multi-channel universe, your customer is going to find out about you whether you like it or not. Use the information available to you in order to know your customers and market to them as individuals and you’ll see more engagement, conversions and revenues in no time.

Now deliver what you promised in the first section. This is the longest part of the post, so make it easy to read. Use short paragraphs, bullet lists, and bold headings to set different sections apart. 


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