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Are you making the most of your Facebook marketing? Here's how to tell


Posted by Mark Parent - December 08, 2015

If you're using Facebook as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you're on the right track.

Facebook offers an incredible opportunity to boost conversion rates and increase customer engagement, but only if you use it effectively.

Look for these signs that you're making the most of your Facebook marketing.



woman on smartphone using social media marketingDo your Facebook posts trigger higher conversion rates?

You see increased conversions after targeted posts

Pay careful attention to your conversion rates after you make targeted Facebook posts. For instance, if you advertise a big sale or announce a product release, you'll want to look at your conversion rates from Facebook. If you see an increase, you're on the right track.

Your Facebook posts should entice customers to click over to your website and make a purchase. You can also track conversion rates for email list sign-ups and other calls-to-action. If your conversion rates don't change, consider altering your Facebook post language or crafting more compelling calls-to-action.

You've leveraged Facebook advertising

While personal posts go a long way toward branding your business and cultivating customer loyalty, it also pays to leverage Facebook advertising. This service allows you to target your ads to customers that fit specific demographics or usage patterns.

Not only will you increase conversions and ROI, but you'll also gain brand visibility. Even if consumers don't automatically click on the ad and make a purchase, they might remember your business's name and return at a later date when they need something that you sell.

woman using tablet and inbound marketing toolsDo your audience members engage with you on Facebook?

Your audience interacts with you

The signs that you're making the most out of your Facebook marketing aren't always numerical or financial. Pay attention to the atmosphere you cultivate on this social media platform. Does your audience respond to your posts? Do they ask you questions?

More importantly, how do you interact with them? Maybe you poll your audience to find out more about their needs or perhaps you ask open-ended questions to start conversations. The more you interact with potential customers, the more powerful your Facebook presence becomes.

If you're lacking in this area of your inbound marketing strategy, consider dialing back the promotion. Focus on creating human connections with your Facebook friends. Pay attention to their posts and find ways to serve them that don't involve a link to your product page.

You're offering customer service

Facebook offers a unique and powerful opportunity to provide customer service. Whether you're responding (politely) to a complaint about your product or offering a helpful tip when one of your customers doesn't have any luck troubleshooting an issue, you should leverage this opportunity.

If you routinely respond to comments, questions, or complaints from your customers, you're using Facebook correctly. Continue offering great customer service so your fans and friends recommend your business to others.

Facebook can become an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy, but only if you use it effectively. To learn more tips, download our ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency.

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