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Digital Marketing Myths: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Digital Marketing Myths: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Digital marketing. By now, most people have heard the term. It can definitely sound imposing, but it doesn't need to be intimidating.

Digital marketing is in fact easier and more affordable than traditional marketing.

Have you checked the price for running a 30-second ad on a local radio or TV station? Looked into a quarter-page ad in your local newspaper (assuming your city still has one) or priced billboards along the local highways?

Ouch — that's real money. Digital marketing is affordable, and often entirely free (except for your time and effort!). So, we've already dispelled the first big myth: digital marketing is not too expensive for your small business.

Now, what other myths are keeping you from capitalizing on this windfall?

Myth #1 — Digital Marketing Isn't for Local Businesses

Digital marketing agencyIt's not about the amount of website traffic, it's about the quality. A small quantity
of the right traffic can drive revenue much more than a large quantity of general traffic. Twitter icon for click to tweet

The nature of the Internet is global. Many small businesses assume that unless you're advertising nationally, or at least regionally, that digital marketing isn't really worth your time and money.

Google reports that about 30 percent of all searches are looking for local information, products, or services.

Recent Google algorithm updates take geotagging into account. Geotagging (or geolocation) is the act of using a device's GPS data to deliver search results based on where a user is.

This means that if you're a golf pro shop in Omaha, Nebraska, and someone in Omaha searches for "Titleist balls," stores in your area will rank the highest in the results. But, if your website is not optimized for that keyword, your competitors will top the list instead of you. Yes, digital marketing is for the local guys.

Myth #2 — More Website Traffic Means Higher Revenue

Another myth is that digital marketing should focus solely on driving more traffic to your site. When your traffic reaches a certain level, sales and revenue will go through the roof!

Not so fast. There is a difference between high-quality traffic and general, everyday, run-of-the-mill traffic.

The first generates revenue; the second is just fluffy numbers that mean nothing. A reputable digital marketing agency will focus on building quality content — including a thoughtful, well-researched website, a strong blog, and targeted social outreach — and this will generate quality traffic.

A small quantity of the right traffic can drive revenue much more than a large quantity of general traffic that just stopped by for the coffee and doughnuts, thank you anyway.

Focus on targeting the right customers, and you won't have to generate traffic like crazy to keep the customers, and the cash, flowing in.

Myth #3 — You Have to Be on All the Social Media Networks

Digital marketing agency

Keep your social marketing to a manageable level. Use great images and videos,
and catchy headlines. If you do these things, your small biz will rock social. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Social media is the double-edged sword of the marketing universe. While it holds tremendous marketing potential, it also holds considerable potential for shooting off one's own foot.

First, posting can get out of hand, taking hours out of the day that aren't productive and lucrative.

Second, it's a good way to spread the staff of your small business too thin.

Third, it's also a hotbed for controversy. You can easily step in a pile of political incorrectness, and your small business will make national headlines — but for the wrong reasons.

However, the small business that takes on a manageable social media marketing plan, sticking only to the networks that make the most sense according to their target demographics, can score big on social. Add in some brilliant use of images and/or videos, some savvy headlines and solid writing, and you've got yourself marketing magic.

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