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5 Innovative Marketing Tactics To Implement NOW

Innovative Marketing Tactics

Ready to learn some new Innovative Marketing Tactics? Great! Start improving your marketing by using the using these personalization tactics for immediate impact.

#1. Send email messages from a human, not a company.

This is probably the easiest way to start creating a more personal experience for your email recipients. Instead of having the sender/from name be Company X, make it the name of a living, breathing member of your marketing team. In addition, consider having your personalized marketing company take professional photos of the sender to add to email signature to really illustrate that a real human is not only sending the email, but ready to interact with responses.

#2. Use recipients' real names in email messages.

"Dear friend," "To [FirstName]," and "Hi Customer" are email greetings for your personalized marketing company to avoid at all costs. A prospect or lead's name is one of the easiest pieces of lead intelligence to gather, so, get it and use it. If they filled out a form, at the very least, you got their name and email address, right? Otherwise, you probably shouldn't be emailing them.

#3. Segment your email database and personalize messaging.

Want to generate a better response rate for your email campaigns? Ask your personalized marketing company to help you segment your email list. If you have identified, say, three separate marketing personas that make up your ideal customers, segment your list into three different chunks. Then personalize the messaging in your separate email sends to each chunk using the language that particular persona uses and responds to.

#4. Target content to speak to the specific needs of various marketing personas.

Create new content or modify existing content to address the specific needs, problems, and language of your various marketing personas. And remember that one persona might have problems the other persona doesn't. With a personalized approach that's targeted at a specific group of prospects (instead of a one-size-fits-all approach), you can create a more personalized and valuable content experience for potential customers.

#5. Create targeted landing pages geared toward different marketing personas.

If you don't have the time or resources to have your marketing team create content targeted to each personal just yet, you should at least consider having them create a targeted set of landing pages for your various offers. Customize the language and messaging on your landing pages to address the specific needs of that particular segment, and do this for each segment.

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