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Innovative marketing assessment: How’s your digital marketing?


Posted by Mark Parent - September 03, 2014

Innovative Marketing Assessment: How’s Your Digital Marketing?

In the rush to create the next big campaign, many marketers never get around to evaluating how their programs are working.

But, conducting a self-assessment allows you to attack upcoming innovative marketing campaign tasks with more panache and make many more inroads compared to what you’ve done previously.  

3 key benefits of a digital marketing assessment:

1. Assessments can be the starting point for establishing – and achieving – goals in the upcoming months and years. 

2. Assessments are valuable for sharing with coworkers to help explain where you are and where you want to go. 

3. An evaluation of your marketing can help raise awareness of digital initiatives among the executive staff and help get budget buy-in for new campaigns.

Done properly, periodic assessments enable you to attack upcoming initiatives with renewed vigor and make substantial progress compared to what you’d be able to achieve without taking the time to regroup.

When to take your marketing’s pulse

The key here is not to spread yourself too thin. For example, budget season is probably too all-consuming and busy to manage an innovative marketing assessment on top of it. The same is true with your heavies sales period. 

So, pick a month that’s a little less hectic to begin to take stock of your digital programs. For each area of your program, evaluate what you’re doing, compare to benchmarks where possible and develop action plans to improve your execution and overall sophistication.

While the key areas of assessment will vary a bit based on your industry and product or service sold, most digital marketers should systematically review at least the following seven areas:

  • Target market
  • Pipeline
  • Content
  • Engagement
  • Technology and skills
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media

Remember: A digital marketing assessment can serve as a report card for how you’re currently doing and a guide for how you want to move forward with your innovative marketing plans in the days, weeks and even years ahead. 

Reach out to us to request a free marketing assessment and dig into the effectivness of your strategies and tactics.

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