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What makes you think your website is so great?

What makes you think your website is so great?

One of the most critical mistakes that businesses make when it comes to their websites is designing for the business owner instead of the end user.

The entrepreneur or marketing director looks at the site and says, "Looks great to me!" But, if it doesn't perform well for your audience, it can't serve your business like it should.

A solid website creates a solid foundation

Image of bridge foundation. A strong foundation is necessary in effective website design strategies.

Without a solid foundation and a strong strategy supporting it,
your website won't be able to do its job. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Writing for Square2Marketing, copy architect Bryce Merkl Sasaki names "website strategy" as the first pillar of an effective web design. In other words, it's not a good idea to dive into designing and coding a site with only a vague image in your head of what it should look like when you're through.

Design professionals have the skills necessary to create an elegant design strategy. According to Sasaki, a good strategy starts with the business owner or marketing team, who must decide what they want the site to accomplish and how they want to appeal to their audience. However, it continues with a web design firm that can bring those goals into reality.

If you love your website, ask yourself whether its design is facilitating your growth -- or inhibiting it. Are you seeing increased conversions, improved traffic, and greater sales? If not, it might be time to consider a redesign. Without a solid foundation rooted in a well-defined strategy, your site can't do its job.

Learn a few more things that can help your website drive conversions and generate more leads by reading our blog article, "Make your website a lead generating machine."

You want visitors to take action

Image of woman at desk using laptop. Professional website design can help guide visitors toward conversions.

A professional website designer takes into consideration every aspect
of design to help guide your visitors toward specific actions. Twitter icon for click to tweet

You probably didn't build a website just so visitors would admire the pretty pictures. You want visitors to take action, whether it's filling out a form, making a purchase, or engaging with your business on social media. Otherwise, your website becomes a glorified digital plaque that might look nice, but doesn't inspire results.

An effective website design gently guides your visitors to the desired action. For instance, there are several reasons why a website's visitors might not fill out an online registration or sign-up form. Poor placement, confusing text boxes, and too much to fill out are just a few explanations. To pinpoint the problem, you need a web design firm to analyze your site and implement ways to optimize it for maximum interaction.

Your prospects matter most

You don't want to use your website to sell your products and services to yourself. That's no way to build a business. Rather, you want your prospective customers to make purchases, which means designing a website that attracts and appeals to them.

This requires an in-depth understanding of buyer personas, key demographics, and buying cycles. Web design firms understand all these critical components and will work with you to ensure that your site is built for your prospects instead of for your marketing department.

If you're wondering why your website isn't converting prospects or closing sales, maybe you need to consider the design itself.

We use the principals we outline in our Growth-Driven Design Playbook to make our customers' sites as attractive and effective as possible. Download it and study the free resource guide. It will open your understanding to how great your website could be.

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