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Social Media Tricks To Ramp Up Your Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing Social Media Tricks

If yours is a business on social media, the main goal/benefit of the innovative marketing work you do there – whether it’s on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or all of the above – is to generate potentially profitable leads. But, the only way to make your social media machine an endless lead generation powerhouse is to...

Get likes, fans, connections and followers. The bigger your immediate network, the more exponentially big your potential for lead generation. So, what steps should you be taking to increase your reach?

Social Media Innovation Marketing Tip #1

Be everywhere (everywhere that makes sense, that is). If you’re posting updates on Facebook, you should be doing the same on Twitter and Google+. If yours is a product with lots of visual potential (in the design sphere, for example), then you should also have boards going on Pinterest and lots of Instagrammable content as well.

Social Media Innovation Marketing Tip #2

Promote your presence to the hilt. Your website should have icons for all of the pieces of your social media universe, from Blogger to Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Emails can also have easy ‘follow me’ links and so can landing pages, mobile apps, your blog, and online newsletters. Following and finding you on social media should be easy – and various social media presences should lead to others if possible too.

Social Media Innovation Marketing Tip #3

Provoke sharing. If you’re trying to ramp up your followers, post contests that receive extra entries for every share or repost/retweet. Post compelling and visually interesting content. Aggregate from other sources in order to promote greater network visibility – the more ‘shareable’ the content, the more likely you are to show up in the feeds of future followers. Just make sure the content you’re sharing is one you have permission to share and that it’s relevant to your business and your customers. If yours is an engineering firm, for instance, sharing a funny cat video probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you run a pet supply business however, this little piece of entertainment, while not directly promotional in nature, could gain you more followers and name recognition. 

Social Media Innovation Marketing Tip #4

Don’t just post; interact. Sharing great and relevant content is hugely important, but it’s not enough to create a vibrant social media presence that is a lead generation machine. The loop should be fully closed – and to do so you need to interact with leads who comment, share, like and show even the most remote interest in content. Almost all of the major social media sites make it easy to call out specific individuals by their name/handle and companies who take just a few brief moments to engage, “follow-back” and participate in brand-related conversations create connections that are both profitable and mutually beneficial for both the company and the customer. 


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