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Innovative Marketing IQ: Where SEO & Social Media Meet

nnovative Marketing IQ: Where SEO & Social Media Meet

Innovating marketing experts know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media are both complex and deserving of attention (and action). 

There’s the knowledge that high search rankings can equal more visitors and conversions, which is great for everyone involved – particularly your boss. 

Then, there’s the potential for personal interaction and brand likability that can stem from social media prowess -- but it can be hard at times to really know how to make the most of this channel, to get found by the people who matter and to increase sales. 

But, here’s something innovative marketing experts know: making SEO and social media great means combining them together in one symbiotic strategy that drives both search engine visibility and attracts more interested visitors to where you want them most - your website. 

So, how to you combine your SEO and social media strategies in the most effective way possible? By taking action on:

1. Website Metadata - Metadata has a constrained character limit to express the title and purpose of the page, in brand voice and tone, using appropriate keywords, and finishing off with a strong call to action.
2. Social Media Metadata – Social Media metadata is similar to web page metadata in that it provides a description meant to entice readers to click on your offer. The main difference is that these snippets appear in networking streams like the Facebook News Feed, instead of in search results. To leverage social metadata in your SEO strategy, be sure that the metadata words and phrases match the voice and needs of your target audience. 

3. Using Google Authorship - Implementing Google Authorship boosts the credibility of brands and authors. By connecting authors with the content they’ve written and the sites they write for, Google has created a way to rank writers based on their influence. Google Authorship is an important innovative marketing tool thanks to a patented technology called Agent Rank, which basically measures the authority and trustworthiness of an author.
Google is likely to give your content higher ranking when you're identified as a trusted source of high quality content published on respected websites. It also puts a name to a piece of content, encouraging users to read on! If you’re going to be using your social media channels to aggregate content anyway – you might as well be sure it’s excellent, traffic-driving content. 

So, if your SEO and social media innovative marketing teams work separately – it’s time for a meeting of the minds. By optimizing your social media posts for search and having links that drive traffic to your site, your marketing efforts will only stand to increase exponentially. 

Get you download for B2B Guide to Social Media by clicking the image below.

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