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How to Create Images That Resonate with Your Niche Audience


Who doesn't want to make an impact on their target audience? With so many images being presented to each of us every day, it becomes ever-important to find a way to make your important messages stand out from the crowd. You want your niche audience to feel your message, not just see it and move on to the next. To evoke that feeling, you need to go beyond the basics of your visuals. As Aristotle said, "The soul never thinks without a mental image."

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Have your images resonate through your niche audience completely, deeply, and powerfully.

The Science of Silence: Communication Through Imagery

Our human responses to images are chemical in nature. Neurons in the hippocampus are triggered when exposed to new images and/or experiences. To have your images resonate with your niche audience and stand out from all the other stimuli one will encounter in a day, you need to pull at the heartstrings.

People want to connect with something they see, have an image speak to them and touch them on a personal level (even if what is being presented has no personal connotation in the slightest). To do this effectively, you must know your niche audience intimately. By understanding their emotional drivers, i.e., what makes them tick, you can begin to strategize how to present the information you want them to receive.


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Tap into images that are not only visually striking but also touch your niche audience's passions consciously and subconsciously. This will not only be memorable but motivating, as you are tapping into the same emotional response your audience gets from their favorite activities.

Looking at your well-planned visual will spark a natural response on the subconscious level while having the information processed consciously. Think of it as smelling something that triggers a memory; the scent has nothing to do in the current moment as it did in the past, yet you have an emotional bond and reaction to the scent in the present that gives you the connection instantaneously. Utilizing the senses is a powerful marketing tool.

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An Image Speaks a Thousand Words

You can make your images resonate with your niche market by telling a story through the image. You don't want your audience to glance and look away, you want them to feel the image and have a complete experience. Thoughtful image selection can do just that.

Four types of images that elevate content and attract more shares

A great example of this is a graphic representation of data. Many times, you want to have your audience gain numerical knowledge of the information you are disseminating. Instead of having your niche market lose focus or be overwhelmed with too many numbers, a dynamic visual graph will deliver the message with just as much impact, if not more. Your statistical information can be interpreted and absorbed through the image alone without requiring further reading (unless the reader is compelled to do so). That is creating an experience through an image, and that is creating a resonating impact on your niche market.

Inbound marketing

Bring all pertinent information to life without losing any of the details through smart visuals.

How do your current images rank for your niche market? Are you utilizing all the ideas above? There is always room to improve, and we can help. Request a free inbound marketing assessment today.



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