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The 5 Best Tactics To Close More Deals Using Inbound Marketing

The 5 Best Tactics of 2022 To Close More Deals Using Inbound Marketing

Let's get started and learn from an inbound marketing agency in Michigan, the 5 Best Tactics To Close More Deals by using personalization throughout your sales funnel. 

Table of Contents:

Key Takeaways:  

  • Use marketing automation to deliver relevant, personalized content.
  • Utilize targeting practices to target different individuals and content.
  • Personalize content to meet various groups of your target audience using a variety of personalization tools.
  • Address your audience's individual wants and needs.
  • Collect vital information that your sales team can use to personalize different customer segments. 

Sales closing mistakes you should avoid

Consumers' desire for personalization within brands is continually increasing. 71% of consumers expect personalization from the brands they choose to associate with. Using personalization throughout your sales funnel is crucial. Here are the inside tips and tricks to close more deals. 

#1. Use marketing automation tools to trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on content interest. 

While you may address different industry issues and topics within your content, that doesn't mean that all prospects are interested in all of the topics your company is generating and sending. If a lead downloads an ebook focused on Topic X, for example, use marketing automation tools to automatically enter them into a lead nurturing campaign that delivers content relevant to that initial topic and personalizes email messages based on knowledge of that original content download.

#2. Create targeted LinkedIn Company Product Page variations. 

LinkedIn Company Pages offer an awesome targeting tool that enables you to personalize the products/services a LinkedIn page visitor sees when they visit your company product page on LinkedIn. You can target based on demographic information such as industry, job function, and geographic location. You can use this not only to target different products to different users, but you can also add some of your content and other offers as 'products' and target different content offers accordingly.

#3. Experiment with a variety of personalization tools 

Consumers are increasingly expecting personalized experiences, both in-person and on online platforms. Today, there is an abundance of tools at your disposal to help you personalize your consumer's experience from start to finish. HubSpot offers you several free features to help you personalize your campaigns. RightMessage is another personalization platform that analyzes visitor online behaviors prior to visiting your site and automatically segments your audience based on the data collected. It then modifies the content on each page according to the data it collects, providing a personalized and unique experience for each visitor. Another great platform you can utilize is Salesforce. The platform analyzes how visitors are interacting throughout their buyer's journey and adjusts product recommendations and personalization efforts accordingly. Use these tools to your advantage, and create a personalized experience for every customer.

#4. Respond to prospects and customers on social media. 

Consumers are increasingly taking to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to conduct research to inform purchasing decisions. Don't let your marketing team over-automate your marketing messages or neglect to monitor social media activity on a daily basis. Be sure a real human is tracking and responding to questions and comment on social media and are ready to provide the best and most appropriate content to address fans' and followers' specific needs.

#5. Use lead intelligence to personalize sales follow-up. 

Lead intelligence, or data your company gathers about your leads --demographic information, behavior on your site, etc. --can be extremely helpful as you define segments of your business' customer personas, but it can also serve as a powerful lever to help your sales team personalize their sales pitches. What industry does the lead work in? Which lead nurturing campaign was he a part of? Which channel led him to his first conversion? Which types of content did he download and read along the way? This intelligence can provide vital information that your sales team can use to personalize their pitch and understand the needs of that particular lead before they even pick up the phone. And a better-prepared salesperson can lead to a much quicker close.

Are you ready to start closing more deals? 

Almost three in four marketers plan to use personalized marketing tactics like this in their future efforts. Are you among them? Let an expert from Inbound 281 help you personalize your sales process. Call 800-834-4910, or visit our contact page for more information.

Sales closing mistakes you should avoid


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