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Inbound 281 Debuts 2019 Professional Development Series


Troy-based digital marketing agency Inbound 281 kicks off its 2019 Professional Development Series with a workshop on Feb. 28. The topic is “Harnessing the Power of Inbound Marketing.” Inbound 281 President/CEO Mark Parent is the presenter for the live-person event.


MarkParent_2019“These workshops are all about helping companies enhance their business growth through advanced marketing and sales strategies. We’re very excited to be able to bring these workshops to the Troy area,” says Parent.

The Inbound workshop series features talented Metro Detroit experts speaking on a variety of marketing and sales topics, ranging from how to properly perform SEO and engage with social media to boosting your sales closing rate.

Each event is intended to offer value to marketing and sales professionals at all levels of experience, but marketing and sales managers, vice presidents, COOs, and CEOs will find them especially beneficial for achieving their business goals.

The Feb. 28 workshop will present an overview of inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

Inbound 281 recently moved to Troy from Bloomfield Hills. The Feb. 28 workshop takes place in their new location at 2155 Butterfield Drive, Troy, MI 48084.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m., with the presentation scheduled to run from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

For more information, contact Inbound 281 at 800-834-4910 or visit www.inbound281.com. For a list of upcoming events, visit www.inbound281.com/inbound-marketing-events.


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Inbound 281 grows market share by accelerating inbound marketing & web design strategies. Their 2019 “Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Engine” Professional Development Series of workshops feature talented expert speakers and presenters who provide knowledge and tools to help companies grow their business.

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