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Building better backlinks: 3 strategies for success

Building better backlinks: 3 strategies for success

Google and other search engines take several factors into consideration when deciding where to rank a given website.

If you've dipped your toe in the SEO (search engine optimization) waters, you likely know about keywords, responsive design, and domain authority, but have you given thought to backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other sources (websites) that lead to one of the pages on your site. When high-quality websites link to your pages, the search engines view your content as more useful and engaging.At one time, webmasters solicited backlinks from unreputable sources, such as site directories and free article submission repositories. However, Google caught on and devalued those links, so you'll need solid strategies for building better backlinks. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Back to basics with public relations

Image of man reading a newspaper. Public relations is still an important part of digital marketing.
Extra! Extra! You're in the news!  Leveraging public relations to garner a mention
in a reputable news source can bring a huge boost to your brand. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Many businesses don't give a second thought to traditional media sources any longer, but public relations remains alive and viable. If a reputable news source publishes your press release or interviews your CEO for an upcoming article, the incoming backlink can boost your ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Writing for Search Engine Journal, SEO expert Adam Riemer encourages brands to take the traditional route with PR. Fill your address book with the names and email addresses of journalists who cover your industry. Start pitching ideas and sending press releases to gain more visibility, better backlinks, and serious industry cred.

Create linkbait

As mentioned previously, Google places a value on each website's links. A link from a high-end institution with an impeccable reputation and excellent domain authority is worth far more than a link from an anonymous WordPress blog. If you want to attract high-quality links, create high-quality content.

For instance, you might write a blog post that compiles trustworthy statistics related to your industry. Government agencies, academic institutions, and other high-level organizations often link to compilations like this because they need the data.

Image of an old book. Quality content is key to successful marketing and backlinks.High-quality content can take over the heavy lifting when it comes to backlinks. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Review or donate

Businesses love to hear that you enjoy their products or services. If you submit a well-written and thoughtful testimonial, a business might publish it on its website and include a link to your site in the attribution line. While you wouldn't want to use this strategy for competitors, it can prove useful for businesses in related industries. For businesses that don't accept testimonials, write a review on your website and link to the product page. If the company notices the link, it might reciprocate to further promote its brand.

You can also generate better backlinks by donating to worthy causes. Your favorite nonprofit organization or charity might post links to donors' websites. Just submit your donation and include your website's URL. Alternatively, write a glowing endorsement of your favorite charity on your website. The organization might link to it on its own blog.

Backlinks are just as important as other SEO strategies and other approaches in your marketing plan. Get your free copy of our Blueprint of a Modern Marketing Campaign to learn more about building a comprehensive approach to your marketing. 

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