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Image of woman using smartphone

5 min read

Expert Interview Series: Sara Davis of Foxtail Marketing

Sara Davis is the VP of Operations of Foxtail Marketing. When she isn't geeking out optimizing systems and processes, you can find her advocating for women in the workplace.

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Images of clasped hands, symbolizing trustworthiness, an important part of content marketing.

2 min read

4 strategies for building trust through content marketing

What is trust? Is it something you can measure? Is it something you can prove? Trust is the most important facet of any content marketing campaign....

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Image of woman golfing, hitting out of sand trap. Avoid paid search advertising traps to build successful campaigns.

3 min read

Common paid search traps and how to avoid them

Are you using paid search advertising to try to connect with new customers online? If so, there are a number of best practices to follow, as well as...

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