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The 3 E's of effective inbound marketing


Posted by Mark Parent - March 28, 2016

Everyone loves to check the metrics on a piece of content and see sky-high traffic levels.

But that shouldn’t be the end goal for your inbound and content marketing efforts. You want your content to align with your goals and provide enough value to build authentic and long-lasting connections with your readers.

So how do you go about doing this? First off, you need to make sure your content is informative, useful and of high enough quality to interest your readers. Your readers are smart; don’t expect to build a loyal audience with spammy content and click-bait articles.

An effective inbound marketing strategy that incorporates the three essential 'E's (engage, educate, and enrich) will help deliver a campaign that generates better leads, more conversions, and increased sales for your organization. It also engenders brand loyalty among your customers.

Image of a man reading his tablet. Good content marketing will engage readers and build strong relationships.Don't expect to engage your readers with second-rate content.
Make sure yours is useful, informative, and high quality. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Engage: Grab your prospect's attention and don't let go

Today's consumers are not only smart, they're also highly selective. Lots of distractions and activities vie for their attention, so they won't waste time on content that doesn't immediately hold their interest. If you can successfully engage your prospects quickly, they'll stick around to see what you come up with next.

Writing for Entrepreneur, marketing expert Murray Newlands advises businesses to create content that is "remarkable enough to break through the clutter." In other words, your content has to prove so interesting, entertaining, inspiring, or moving that your prospects can't tear themselves away. They're hooked.

Use your content to inspire emotion in your audience, whether you're making them laugh, cry, or gasp in shock. Instead of using every opportunity to sell your products and services, focus on people and why they matter.

Educate: Teach your audience something new 

We live in a culture filled with voracious learners. With so much information available at our fingertips, people have become addicted to learning. While there is already a significant amount of content online, you have to find ways to deliver content that only you can produce.

You and your team have specific experiences and expertise. Use it to educate your audience so they feel empowered and confident in their purchasing decisions. Provide accurate, actionable data. Don't conceal information. Paint your business as a frank, honest, and reliable source of information.

Image of woman holding books in library. Content marketing should educate and inform your readers.Your readers are smart. Make sure your content is able to educate and empower them. Twitter icon for click to tweet

Enrich: Make your customers' lives better

You likely went into business because you wanted to solve a problem, fill a need, or make a difference. Use that passion and drive to enrich the lives of your prospects and customers. If you can make life a little better or easier for them, you may gain a customer for life.

For instance, Neil Patel of Marketingland explains his strategy, which revolves around creating lots of free content for prospects. He wants to provide his inbound audience not just with chat, but with data they can use in their professional lives to reap great rewards. The guides he creates might not generate a new customer, but they help his prospects lead more fulfilling lives.

If you approach inbound marketing from that perspective, you can't lose. Create content because you're driven to spread your message, and not just because you want to pad your bank account.

If you are interested in learning more about how inbound marketing and valuable content go hand-in-hand, check out our article, "If content is king, then what is inbound marketing?"

An effective inbound marketing strategy starts with the three 'E's: engage, educate, and enrich. Once you have those down pat, you'll be in a great position to grow your business.

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