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Detroit Marketing Agency Welcomes Guest Speaker Erik Meier


Posted by Mark Parent - April 10, 2018

EAM Consulting Group Founder/CEO & President of Sandler Training Erik Meier to Explain How Sales Teams Can Use Psychology to Achieve Greater Sales Success and Meet Buyer Needs

Inbound Marketing Event



Inbound 281, an up-and-coming Metro-Detroit digital marketing agency, has announced that Erik Meier, Founder/CEO of EAM Consulting Group, will be the featured speaker during an upcoming educational sales workshop at their Bloomfield Hills headquarters on May 3, 2018 titled “The Psychology Behind the Sale: Learn How to Sell More.”


“Erik has an extremely powerful and surprising sales approach that he’ll be sharing with attendees,” says Mark Parent, President/CEO of Inbound 281. “We’re very excited to have him as part of our 2018 guest speaker series of events.”


Meier will explain how productive sellers can set the stage for buyers to realize their own needs. During his presentation, he will discuss how a salesperson’s behaviors, attitudes, techniques, and questions can allow their prospects to discover their own reasons for purchasing. Meier will explain how mastering the intricacies of interpersonal communication makes it all possible. This unique approach to selling empowers companies to effectively manage their sales teams and engage their prospects in order to grow their business.


Meier’s system is especially helpful to sales organizations that spend too much time chasing prospects who don’t buy, create too many proposals and quotes that don’t go anywhere, and/or find themselves too often providing unpaid work.


“Buyers are more open to you when you cater to their needs, rather than to the sale,” says Meier. “If you avoid acting, sounding, and looking like you’re selling, you’ll sell more.”


Meier is scheduled to appear at Inbound 281 for “The Psychology Behind the Sale: Learn How to Sell More” on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. The event, which also includes time for networking and a post-presentation Q&A session, will run until 11:30 a.m. Interested individuals can register to attend on Inbound 281’s website.


For more information, contact Inbound 281 at 800-834-4910 or visit http://www.inbound281.com. For a listing of upcoming events, visit http://www.inbound281.com/inbound-marketing-events.


About Erik Meier: Erik Meier specializes in on-going reinforcement sales and management training for companies looking to grow their top an d bottom-line sales revenues. He is a well-respected and sought-after speaker on the topics of sales, management, leadership, and negotiations, and has worked with hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to increase the profitability of their organizations.


About Inbound 281: Inbound 281 grows market share by accelerating inbound marketing & web design strategies. Their 2018 “Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Engine” Series Workshops feature talented expert speakers and presenters who provide knowledge and tools to help companies grow their business.


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