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Make your website a WOW site


Posted by Mark Parent - May 17, 2016

You want your website to not only impress visitors with its beauty and style, but also to serve as a marketing machine for your business.

Turning a website into a WOW site isn't an easy process, but it produces impressive ROI. Fortunately, we have a strategy that has proven itself effective over and over again for businesses and their sites.

Mission: Where are you going?

Image of path winding through forest. A mission tied to your web design path can ensure it is successful.Not sure where your website design path is going to take you? 
Make sure you have a clear mission in mind first.  Twitter icon for click to tweet


While a website design can spring forth out of pure imagination, that's not the most pragmatic way to approach it. If you want your site to pull double duty as an attractive online face and as a marketing tool, you need to have a clear mission in mind.

Ideally, your website should assist your business with lead generation and lead nurturing. It should attract prospects to its pages and usher them through the buying cycle so your team doesn't have to do as much manual work.

Medium: How does the site look?

When your website follows web design best practices and uses design as a tool rather than a crutch, it will help you accomplish your mission. Unfortunately, business owners often neglect design and, therefore, never realize its full potential.

Growth-driven web design uses proven strategies to develop your design organically. It gets your website launched quickly and uses real data to determine the best direction for the design.

Want some addtional ideas on how you can get the look of your website just right? Check out our blog article, "Why the right images can make or break your website design."

Message: What does your website say?

Pretty pictures can have a positive impact on your design's functionality, but copywriting remains extremely important for keeping visitors on the page. A great message compels your audience to take action and inspires them to learn more about your business.

Mechanics: How does the site function?

Web design isn't just about the image that pops up when a user clicks on your URL. The back end of your website is the true workhorse: It collects data, processes information, serves up content, and maximizes the user experience. Without a solid back end, your website will disappoint more visitors than it delights.

Magnetism: How will you get visitors through the virtual door?

Image of wooden door. A good web design strategy will help visitors better acces your site.
Your visitors are knocking, will your website's design guide them through the virtual door? Twitter icon for click to tweet

A great web design can contribute to excellent organic results. For instance, Google and other search engines prioritize well-designed sites that incorporate responsive code, load pages quickly, and use keywords effectively. Proper SEM (search engine marketing) can vastly improve your position in the SERPs (search engine results pages) as well as your conversion rates.

It all starts with the web design itself. Optimizing images, meta data, and other elements of the site for search will help you attract more prospects so your content can work its magic. Without a solid design foundation, however, you're trusting your content alone to convert new customers.

Putting the WOW in your website isn't easy, but it can produce dramatic results. If you're interested in learning about how our growth-driven design strategy can benefit your business, contact us. We're happy to discuss your specific needs and goals so we can help you fit a great web design into your business model.

In the meantime, get your free copy of our Growth-Driven Design Playbook to see how this innovative website design process can benefit your organization.

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