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Growth Driven Design as Continual Improvement

Growth Driven Design as Continual Improvement

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

How good is your website today?

You can likely answer that question with a look at your website and marketing analytics. However, the real question should be "how good will your website be next week, next month, or next year?"

Growth driven design (GDD) applies the principle of continual improvement to web design.

Growth driven designGrowth-driven design (GDD) applies the principle of continual improvement to web design.
It means your website will be a lot better a week, a month, and a year from today. Twitter icon for click to tweet


Putting the "Continual" in Continual Improvement

Once you have embraced the principles of growth-driven design and launched your Launch Pad website, it is time to begin the cycle of planning, developing, learning, and transferring that knowledge over and over again.

Remember that a GDD website is agile, ever changing, ever data-driven. What appeals to your target audience today may not appeal tomorrow.

Even your target audience itself will undergo changes in time. Therefore, your website will be in a state of constant evolution, moving from good to better to great over the course of time.

Re-Visiting Your Wish List

As part of your GDD process, you created wish lists from which you culled the original must-haves of your web launch pad.

Once your website is launched, however, that is not the end of your wish list.

Rather, you must continually re-visit your wish list, adding items and removing items as needed in order to remain in lock step with your customers.

Re-Visiting Your Audience

Inbound 281's "Growth-Driven Design Playbook" observes the following about your GDD website:

"After developing the most vital aspects that get your website needs, you will make this launch pad site live. This adaptive site will allow you to understand what your visitors are looking for and determine which design, content and structural changes are necessary to help your site improve and grow ... the growth-driven design journey is built to be agile and adapt to the changing needs of your organization and your visitors."

Using the Wisdom You Gain

GDD, then, is never a set-it-and-forget-it option. It is a living, breathing process, a relentless push toward making your website the best it can be — and using that website to bolster your inbound marketing efforts.

It keeps your website content fresh, helps you tailor all your inbound campaigns to better appeal to your target audience, and fosters an atmosphere of continual improvement.

Growth-driven design starts with a plan, then continuously builds on that plan.

What is the outcome?

Inbound 281's "A Website Design Without a Plan Is Like a Car Without an Engine" states:

"A website should never be considered a finished product. Instead, it needs to continuously evolve as you collect more data and fine-tune your approach to design. The more you know about how your website performs, the easier it becomes to update it strategically ... Growth-driven web design ensures that your website is never mistaken for a motionless showpiece. You get a marketing engine as well as an attractive concept."

Growth driven design

GDD is a perpetual cycle of planning, implementing, learning, and adjusting. Twitter icon for click to tweet


The Takeaway

Just as you make continuous adjustments to your inbound campaigns to optimize your results, GDD is the process by which you make continuous adjustments to your website that integrate with those campaigns. While this involves consistent vigilance, it yields amazing results in terms of increased conversions and revenue for businesses.

Growth-driven design represents a huge step forward for your website, supercharging it as a foundational part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. Do you want to know more about how growth-driven design applies to your website? Download our Growth-Driven Design Playbook today.

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