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4 min read

Expert Interview Series: The importance of branding & professional photos

Sarah Giffrow is the Creative Director and Benevolent Overlord of Upswept Creative, a small-but-fierce branding and web studio that builds strong, smart, beautiful brands for independent businesses. Sarah sat down with us to discuss the importance...

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Image of a Celtic knot style design, symbolizing closed-loop marketing

2 min read

3 reasons why your business needs closed-loop marketing

The Celts are well-known for their intricate and decorative knot work. Though individual Celtic knots have a variety of meanings, their symbolism...

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Image of library bookshelf. Successful content marketing educates readers.

5 min read

Expert Interview Series: Kevin McGrath on lead magnets and free content

Kevin McGrath has spent the past 10 years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their online presence. As the CEO of Beacon, his goal is...

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Image of corn field referencing Field of Dreams and effective website design.

2 min read

Why you built it, but they ain't coming: 5 tragic web design mistakes

When you built your organization’s website, you expected it to attract customers and deliver results. Just like Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella in Field...

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