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4 Ways to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

4 Ways to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is one of those fields that’s always changing, because best practices and consumer behavior is always changing, and companies are always evolving too. Being a marketer, therefore, is all about being able to grow, change, and adapt, and that includes being able to take smaller marketing campaigns and scale them for larger projects. If you want to make sure that you're growing with your projects and your company, here are four tips that'll help you scale your marketing efforts.

1. Be Ready to Fight for More

Despite everything that marketing does for a company, it’s still often viewed in terms of the investment it requires rather than the return it promises. Because of this, you'll have to be prepared to fight for a growing spot in the budget. But you can prepare by being ready to respond to likely objections, and by having strong arguments that explain how your campaign will help the organization reach its goals, and how the money you spend will be converted into profit, new customers, better leads, and other measurable metrics.

2. Get Other Teams Onboard

The marketing department doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s essential that as you grow, that you work in conjunction with other teams in the organization, such as the sales team. When you work closely with these teams, you can tailor your strategies to their specific needs, thereby providing an even more valuable service.

 image of team hands all in

Establish a positive alignment between the sales and marketing teams to generate revenue growth. Image of Twitter icon for social media sharing

These other teams have hands-on experience with the customers, and know better than anybody what will and won’t resonate with them. Sales, therefore, can provide you with invaluable data and feedback, and you can, in turn, provide them with the most effective campaigns.

3. Look to the Past to Build the Future

When creating a plan of action for the future, there's no better place to look for inspiration than the past, and particularly what's been done already, and what did and didn’t work. For instance, say you put together a new video last year with the goal of gaining new followers on Facebook. And let’s say that while the campaign was successful insofar as you were able to get a lot of views and shares, maybe you didn’t generate as many new followers as you wanted. Next time, you know that video is a successful medium, but that you have to modify your approach slightly to improve the outcome. There are lots of ways you can gather data about improving past and current marketing strategies, including:

  • Data mining and analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Engaging with social media followers
  • Customer interviews
  • A/B testing

4. Have a Solid Plan for Moving Forward

In the world of B2B marketing, more than half of all successful content marketers have their strategy documented and laid out, and the same applies to B2C marketing. This strategy should include what your specific goals are and the exact steps you have to take to achieve them. Your best bet is to work backward from the goals, and then figure out how you can best achieve each one. Be sure to draw on past experiences, successes, and failures, and make sure you incorporate what you learn from each strategy into your future campaigns.

Drawing of business plan

Your goal should have a detailed benchmark for measuring progress and achieving the goal. Image of Twitter icon for social media sharing

Marketing is ever-changing, and as a company grows and evolves, so too must your strategies. In order to stay relevant and current, you must be able to grow and adapt along with your organization. Often, that means looking to the past to find the way forward, working with other teams in the organization to ensure you're providing the best campaigns possible, having a solid plan moving forward, and being ready to defend your place of importance within the organization.

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