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Inbound 281 event highlights, trends from HubSpot conference


Posted by Mark Parent - October 24, 2016


BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN – Digital marketing agency Inbound 281 is bringing the best of HubSpot’s INBOUND 2016 conference to Metro Detroit.

Inbound 281 will host its “Highlights from INBOUND 2016” seminar on Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 10-11:45 a.m. at 281 Enterprise Ct., Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

The event will feature Inbound 281 staff delivering presentations and sharing insight from their experiences at the annual HubSpot gathering in Boston.  

HubSpot’s Nov. 8-11 event features networking opportunities, breakout sessions, keynote speeches from celebrities and industry leaders, as well as classes and hands-on lessons designed to help attendees develop their marketing skills. As a leader in the development of marketing strategies and supporting software, HubSpot attracts roughly 15,000 marketing industry professionals to its annual conference.

For marketers in the Detroit area who are unable to attend the HubSpot event, Inbound 281’s seminar will provide insight into current trends shaping the marketing industry. The presenters will highlight the key topics, strategies, and technology discussed at INBOUND 2016 and will talk about how local marketers can incorporate these best practices into their own campaigns.

“I’ve been to HubSpot’s INBOUND conference for the past couple years, and the amount of knowledge and resources available to marketers there is unbelievable,” said Mark Parent, president of Inbound 281. “I think everyone should attend, but I know that isn’t possible. That’s why we decided to hold our own event – to share some of the remarkable ideas and techniques we learn at INBOUND with our audience.”

Inbound 281 is a certified HubSpot agency that provides inbound marketing, digital media, and website design services to businesses, corporations, enterprise organizations, and nonprofits across Metro Detroit. Inbound 281’s strategy development, creative design, copywriting, and programming services have supported the marketing efforts of automotive, manufacturing, business-to-business services, higher education, and nonprofit industries, among others.



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