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4 signs it's time to modify your inbound marketing strategy

4 signs it's time to modify your inbound marketing strategy

Business owners often discover that their inbound marketing strategies work for a set period of time, after which the results begin to decline.

Smart companies realize that this indicates the need for a change in their inbound marketing strategy. If you notice any of these four tell-tale signs, you might want to consider refreshing your tactics.

1. You don't have any systems in place for mobile users

student on smartphone using earbuds and interacting with responsive website design on social mediaIf you don't have a way to target mobile users, your inbound marketing strategy has a few holes. 

As of Q4 of 2014, mobile access represented more than 30 percent of total web traffic. An increasing number of consumers are reaching for their smartphones and tablets when they want to research a product or service. They're out in the world, away from their computers, or they simply prefer the mobile experience.

If the trends between 2010 and 2014 continue in the same trajectory, that percentage will only increase as time passes. If you want to capture the largest segment of your target market, you need an inbound marketing strategy that specifically targets mobile users.

2. You haven't updated your website in years

Website design standards are constantly changing. If you haven't updated your website in years, it probably isn't responsive or optimized with modern SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. This can hurt your conversion rates and turn off potential customers, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Additionally, updating your website can refresh your brand and show your target audience that you care about your image. Outdated graphics and non-user friendly navigation tools will communicate the exact opposite message. When you redesign your website, you can implement new inbound marketing strategies simultaneously to save money and time.

Using a growth-driven design (GDD) approach to web design will also help you to better understand the needs and habits of your visitors, adapt to evolving design standards, and implement  necessary changes. The flexible nature of GDD websites allows you collect data and makes changes as you see fit, which means your website will always be up to date without having to go through a full-fledged redesign.

3. You're not creating new content

professional analyzing inbound marketing strategy at website design firmToday's consumers want to be educated, informed, entertained, and captivated.
Content marketing achieves those goals.

If you aren't capturing leads or generating interest in your products or services, it's time consider developing your content marketing strategy. Businesses that fail to put out informational and entertaining content lose relevancy in the eyes of consumers.

Your inbound marketing strategy might need a content marketing component. Consult with an expert about the best content strategies for your industry.

4. You neglect social media

If you think social media only attracts the teenage set, think again. Pew Research Center studies show that consumers across all age brackets use social media, which means that you shouldn't neglect the opportunity to engage with your audience through these channels.

A social media strategy puts you in your customers' environment. It allows you to speak directly to them, which enhances your brand image and humanizes your company in front of the public. In addition to incorporating social media into your inbound marketing strategy, you can also use social platforms to personally address customer concerns, thank clients for using your services, and ask your audience questions.

A dated inbound marketing strategy can strike the death knell for an otherwise capable business. If you're ready to refresh your strategies, get a free inbound marketing assessment today.Free Assessment

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