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The Must-Have Agency Marketing Services Skill Of Right Now

Must Have Skill

What do you think is the absolute quintessential must-have agency marketing services skill of right now? Is it coding? Design? Videography?

Nope (though they’re all pretty important)…

The must-have modern marketer’s skill for right now and into the foreseeable future is – STORYTELLING.

Good Stories Are Timeless
There are countless buzzwords floating around the agency marketing services industry every second. Buzzwords are our stock and trade after all, but while most of these buzzwords flash and fade, the ability to tell a compelling story never will. And, as content becomes more and more important in the marketing game – perhaps more important than ever before in inbound marketing, in particular – businesses, workers and leaders looking to stand out, spread messages and make change aren’t turning to “synergy” or “coding” to make a splash. They’re tapping into the power of a good story.

Why Businesses Need To Tell Good Stories
Look at the social media phenomenon, for example. It’s made just about every consumer more comfortable having micro conversations with the companies they do business with. Businesses flood our social media streams alongside pictures of our friends’ newborns and travel adventures. Now, with more businesses beginning to regard themselves as publishers, what sets the most successful ones apart is not their ability to mindlessly spew out content – but to craft stories that have a meaningful impact on their intended targets.

An agency marketing services provider can help to align your marketing goals with insights about your target audience to create tailored, good and shareable ‘stories’ that generate more leads and grow your business. What these stories look like can be as simple as a Tweet-able meme or as complex as a highly produced online video.

Marketers Must Mine For Good Stories
Your agency marketing services provider should know where and how to look for the best stories and content generators your company has to offer. When you hire a marketing firm, you need to give them access to the thought leaders under your own roof. And, marketers should be looking to the customers and clients for what problems and needs they have which can be touched upon with a good piece of storytelling – be it a blog or a landing page or a tweet.

What are you saying? Why are you saying it? Who are you saying it to? And, what is it saying about you?

It all comes back to the story.

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