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How (& Where) Consumers
Discover Products on Social Media [DFY] 

A detailed report from HubSpot to help you launch the perfect social media campaign with the right content on the right platforms to get your brand noticed.

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular approach for product discovery, company research, and more. Download the free guide now to learn how and where you should be implementing your social media marketing strategies.


How and Where Consumers Discover Products on Social Media


Make an Impact with your social media campaigns

More and more companies are joining social
media. Why? Because social media is where
consumers are spending increasing amounts of time. Knowing how and where to approach each generation of consumers will help guide your marketing strategy toward success.

We will take you through a deep dive into a variety of essential social media tactics including: 

  • The top social media channels consumers use for product discovery
  • What types of content consumers watch and engage with and where they are watching it
  • Social media research habits
  • Which platforms you should market your products on
  • And more


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