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Inbound 281 Marketing Toolkit

All the marketing resources you need, in one place.

Get the job done with our Marketing Toolkit. 

Unlock Your Toolkit 

All the marketing tools and resources you need to succeed.

The way we look at it, why should someone have to unlock multiple doors to gain access to marketing resources? That's just a nuisance. Instead, we've gathered all our most valuable marketing resources together and put them into a Marketing Toolkit. Register once, and you have the keys to the kingdom.

What's in it for you? You gain permanent access to all of our great marketing tools, everything from worksheets to ebooks to calculators to interactive aids. And more. You have access to these assets forever. And, you will receive immediate notification whenever new resources are added. What could be easier than that?


What's in our Marketing Toolkit?

Professional Development & Training

At Inbound 281, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable. We love sharing that knowledge. From live events to webinars, we host a series of Professional Development workshops designed to help marketers and business leaders make the most of modern marketing. We are HubSpot Certified Trainers (HCT). We are also the host agency for the Detroit HubSpot User Group, which brings HubSpot users from across southeast Michigan together on a regular basis to learn, connect and grow. 

Inbound 281 Professional Development events. Part of our marketing toolbox.

If you sign up for our Marketing Toolbox, you gain access to our know-how, as well as our library of event recordings and presentation materials. Our professional development events have addressed topics such as these, with new ones being added monthly:

  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Content Personalization
  • KPIs and Scorecards
  • Learning How to Sell
  • The Power of Inbound Marketing
  • Using Automation to Improve Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices
  • Social Media

Calculators & Interactive Tools

Marketers today are under constant pressure to prove ROI. The challenge is, calculating a return on investment for marketing activities can be tricky. Our Marketing ROI Calculators can help. They make it easy to evaluate the contribution marketing makes to the bottom line. 

We have six calculators. They measure:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Marketing Percentage of Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Time to Payback Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Marketing Originated Customer Percentage
  • Marketing Influenced Customer Percentage
The Inbound 281 marketing toolbox includes ROI calculators.

Worksheets & Templates

Our marketing toolbox includes a variety of interactive tools and worksheets.

Looking for a content audit worksheet? Need to create a marketing budget? You don't need to reinvent the wheel. We've taken the time to assemble a full suite of useful templates to help you plan, monitor and achieve your marketing goals. Many of them are in Excel format and are ready to download and go!

Worksheets include the following, with new ones being added each month:

  • Marketing Budget Worksheet
  • Monthly Marketing Report
  • SMART Marketing Goals Worksheet
  • Content Audit Worksheet
  • Inbound Marketing Leads Calculator

We also provide a Website SEO Analysis tool that analyzes your website's health across a range of factor. It's free, easy and insightful. 

Resources & Downloads

Do you like to read? We have a well-stocked library of downloadable resources that are ready to be checked out.

Topics include:

  • Creating Effective Calls to Action
  • B2B Guide to Inbound Marketing 
  • How to Build an Inbound Website
  • The State of Inbound Marketing
  • Website Performance Report
  • Mastering Marketing Automation
  • The Six Marketing Metrics Your Boss Really Cares About
  • Content Marketing for Marketers
  • The Growth Driven Design Playbook
  • ... and more
eBooks, eGuides and other downloadable resources from Inbound 281.

Video & Multimedia 


Seeing is believing.

Our Marketing Toolkit includes videos, podcasts, recordings and more to make learning easy and engaging. As HubSpot Certified Trainers (HCT), we have access to a wealth of multimedia resources covering the full gamut of inbound marketing. We also produce our own instructional videos that make learning fun.

Pop in your ear buds, click a video, kick up your feet, and enjoy. 

And more...

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. As the industry changes, we respond with resources, events, tools, education and more. We make professional development easy. By subscribing to our Marketing Toolkit, you are assured of being on top of the latest trends. You gain access to all existing as well as future assets. It's like making an investment in yourself.  

Sign up today to stay on top of your game! 


What people say about Inbound 281

Put your marketing in the hands of trustworthy professionals like Inbound 281. Here’s what our customers say.

“The depth of technical expertise and strategy the team at Inbound 281 brings to our Inbound Marketing and website development projects is unsurpassed.”

Ginger Greager, CPSM

Director of Marketing

“Their organization is both creative and professional.  We regularly get compliments on how good our digital mailings, email newsletters, and online distributable materials look.”

Mike Bonner

VP, Engineering and Technology

“Responsive. Creative. Technologically advanced. That’s Inbound 281.”

Renee Ahee

Director, Communications and Marketing

"It is a true pleasure to work with Inbound281. They consistently deliver high ROI for their clients through their knowledge of Inbound Marketing and the HubSpot Platform. HubSpot is excited to have Inbound281 as a top partner."

Chris Alexis

Partner / Account Manager

“Inbound 281 worked with my team to strategize, implement and update our existing marketing system. The relationship was effortless, and Inbound 281’s reporting confirmed a strong ROI.”

Sharon Toles

Director of Admissions

“We are blessed to be partners with Inbound 281. They care about excellence. Their desire for excellence helps us fulfill our purpose.”

Larry L. Carter B.S., M.C.M.